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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Relaxation Station Opens for Business!

Newly constructed this spring. We opened for business on July 4th, 2009!

This is a great water activity location. You can check out the ocean and sound conditions while sipping your coffee. Relaxation Station is located on the soundside on the last road in the south side of Avon. That puts you three minutes from Ego Beach and Canadian Hole You can kayak to the sound from the back yard via Askin's Creek. This early October we added two kayaks to the house, a double and a single. 4-wheel beach access is several hundred yards away at Ramp 38. It's about a six minute walk to the beach via a National Park Service -maintained boardwalk near ramp 38. Lockable outside storage let's you rest easy at night knowing your "toys" are safe. The south location that keeps you out of the Avon traffic as you zip to the water still keeps you close to the stores. The grocery store, movie theater, hardware store and several nice restaurants are just two minutes to the north. The BP station is right there which has great car wash service and free air to get those tires pumped back up after your 4-wheeling outing.

Don't let the low rent mislead you. This is a new house with upscale amenities. The art on display is mostly produced by local resident artists. Folks who have experienced Relaxation Station are amazed at how big the house feels. Relaxation Station is a place you will remember and it will make a great contribution to your beach-going traditions.