A fun Outer Banks retreat.
The owner shares some beach experiences.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Great Week at Hatteras

June 26th to July 3rd
Ken got his fill of strong warm SW winds the first three days. We brought a trailer (5X8) which works great for Ken's windsurfing. We can drop Ken off at a sailing site, unhitch the trailer and leave him with all his gear and a loaded ice chest. The rest of the family then has the car for other fun stuff.
The trailer is also great to pack a ton of food including prearranged frozen meals (Dream Dinners) so we don't have to go to the grocery store the first thing at Hatteras when it is usually really crowded.

Some of our activites:
The boys and Ken and Sharon kayaked out of the back yard.
Of course Ken sailed on the sound in high winds.
We all had great fish dinners at the Diamond Shoals Restaurant in Buxton.
We went to the Indian Town Gallery art fair in Frisco and picked a few nice things. It's great to meet some of the artists that made the art in our house.
We had a bon fire off of ramp 38 and cooked smores.
Finding the ocean along Avon a little chilly, we drove down to the south side near the airfield and drove on the beach there. The water was warmer and very clear and the waves were much more boogie boardable due to the more gentle beach slope.
Ken rented a stand up paddle board at Wind -NC near Village Video. The two older kids took it out for a few tentative forays in the ocean. On Ken's second day of SUP he got his sea legs and started catching and riding waves. The day after that he sailed the SUP with a windsurfer sail. I think he's hooked.
Lindsey took a surfing lesson, she could get going and could just start to stand before getting dunked. She made great progress for her first time and is looking forward to more water time.
The weather was pretty cool. Hot southerly winds the first half. Then some heavy rain and a tornado in the middle! Then more comfortable northly breezes the rest of the week

Well that should give the general gist of how our week went. Can't wait until next time!