A fun Outer Banks retreat.
The owner shares some beach experiences.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Fun!

Ramp 49 Relaxation!

Friday (11/11/11)
Arrived about 1 am driving straight from work.  Sailed the Hole in the morning on powered 4.6.  I tried about 20 loops with little results except a smashed nose on my JP 93 liter board.  I later had a noonish session on a 5.3 but the wind was backing off quickly by then.  The ocean was pretty huge and nasty.

Nice wave, bad position!
Ralph came to visit around noon.  We went straight to the Avon pier for some head high SUP action in a fairly strong side off SW breeze.

With the breeze picking up we headed to Ramp 34 and sailed our SUPs at a little cove with two point breaks and a healthy rip inbetween.  You could catch a wave and sail down the line towards the little cove and when the wave ended you were in a friendly calm patch to do your jibe and head out for more.  The wind started geting unreliable so we tried a little paddling in the same spot but the wind picked back up and the waves were pretty elusive.  Ralph treated me to a pizza dinner to wrap up a pretty fun day.

Ralph coming in after a great session
Warm and sunny and small surf.  Ralph and I surfed a beach break at Ramp 49.  In the afternoon we surfed Ramp 34 on the east side about a mile north of Avon pier at a little cove/chanel set up.  Chest high smooth rights.  Excellent session!

SUP sailing at Ramp 27 in the afternoon.

Ralph's perfect breakfast
A warm sunny SW wind came up. We headed to Ramp 34 and launched short boards in a gusty winds.  Too many lulls made it hard to stay upwind.  Eventually we figured we needed our SUPs about the time Bill Bell and Chad showed up.  SUPs turned frustrating gusty conditions into great wave riding in waste to chest high waves.
Ralph packed it up and left earlier than planned with a hurt shoulder.  Not clear on what caused it.
I scoped out sites with Ramp 34 looking good but the wind hadn't built yet. I had a noonish 5.3 session at the hole to warm up for the ocean.  I returned to 34 to find Keith and Chad schlogging after a half hour or so of short boarding in moderate waves.  The wind never returned so I went back to the hole to salvage the day with a nice 5.8 sunset session.
Cold north wind blowing in. Packed up and headed out around 10:30 after arranging some work from the builders.