A fun Outer Banks retreat.
The owner shares some beach experiences.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Wave Jam!

Photo Janis M
Friday Sep 7
Left home at 4:15 am to get to Hatteras for windsurfing competition later in the week.
Got to Avon around noon after a great drive.  I hooked up with Ralph who shared his hotel room that night.  Light wind big surf.  Tried SUP near the point.  Junky and choppy.  A big shark scared us off the water.  Casey Ralph and I tried the cove with over head mello surf and a light onshore breeze.  SUP heaven with very long rides from outer break through to the reform.

Saturday.  Strong SW wind and huge surf.  Folks launched south of the Oregon Inlet.  I did not go out due to the meaty waves and weird wind.  Ralph had some great rides but destroyed a sail.  I had a great high wind session at the hole.

Janis photo

Sunday.  Sam Ralph and I had a gloomy rainy surf session at the cove.  Pretty fun on mediium and mello surf (head high) but not quite as magic as the previous session.  High wind and a rising tide got us off the water.  Did some group road surfing after being misdirected by an overly optimistic kid and settled on a sunset session on the sound north of Avon with Ralph and Casey.  Beautiful.

Monday. Great day at Ramp 44 near the pond.  North wind started with Big boards and good surf with long rides.  Wind picked up through the day although surf degraded but still fun.  Lots of people showing up for the event.  Saw a big sea turtle.
Janis Photo

Tuesday. Moderate NE breeze and lots of current. Ralph and I surfed ramp 49 for 4 hours near low tide with a stiff offshore breeze.  Beautiful sunny beach day with waste high surf.

Wednesday. East beach gnarly fun SUP but contest moved to south. Great SUP sail with Casey to the right

Thursday.  Bath House attempt at competition.  Pretty horrible conditions.  Fun SUP paddle session with Rob C down to the right.

Friday. SUP at bath house all day much in gloom and rain.  Late sesh with Randy, Ralph, Casey,(paddling) and Andy (sailing). Rainbows, dolphins, heaven!

Saturday. Ralph and I found a point break bar down at 49.  It had great lefts into a channel.  Rights took you into some very shallow water.  Great rides to the right but scary poundings on the sand if you fell.  Rob C and Mac joined us.  Later went to ramp 43 to watch the pros in a freshening breeze and big ugly on shore wind and surf.  Participated in a short ameteur expression session.  Very exciting with some close callls in the crowded waves.  Supposedly got second but no prize for second! Very fun.  Closing party, played cornhole had nice BBQ and won some raffle-based swag.
Mac caught me looking back at him.

Another backwave shot by Mac (I'm in there)

Ralph catching a beauty (Photo Mac)

Sunday.Mornring surf session with Ralph, Mac and Rob later with Casey.  Some big stuff came through.  A very satisfying session with some dolphins visiting and nice long buttery rides.  Check out with lots of cleaning help from Ralph. Ordered a new board from Andy.  An epic visit. Quick trip home, 378 miles in 6.5 hours! Oh, and I wasn't speeding either!