A fun Outer Banks retreat.
The owner shares some beach experiences.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Most of the family made it to OBX. My son is home recovering from knee surgurey and getting ready to graduate from HS.  The oldest is with college friends up in Duck.  The youngest and, my wife spent the weekend but had to get back to work and school. 

Sunday - Had a nice stay at Ramp 49 with the family.  Small surf but beautiful weather.  Saw a whale!

Monday - Just to fight my lonliness after my loved ones departed I surfed today and met a fun group at ramp 38.  Their chief was Phil who runs Kitewise kiting up in CT,   He was teaching some with a trainer kite while others were getting their feet wet trying stand up paddling in warm water and friendly surf.  Saw a pretty big sea turtle that hung out with me for a while. It was a pretty awesome day spent with awesome people . My 2013  beach season has started out great!

Tuesday - Morning SUP sailing in small surf at ramp 30.  IN the afternoon, SUP sailed at Ramp 38.  Not much surf in the choppy side on light breeze but I managed to get a few down-the -line rides.  Paddled a little and caught a couple weak waves, more for a work out than fun due to the chop.  Took a beach walk and saw Rowland and Wendy doing a SUP downwinder.  Rowland's striped board is easy to spot.  I've been thinking about a down-winder and seeing those two convinced me it would be a blast.

Wednesday - I had a sunrise SUP session at Ramp 38.  I had a couple long smooth rights on 4 footish waves.  Paddling out and looking out to sea with the rising sun is tough on the eyes!  I tried out the two "Tire Buddies" I bought yesterday.  They are pre-set deflators for your tires.  They were very accurate but took quite a long time to completely deflate. The rate slows a lot as the set point is approached.  Headed to Ramp 43 in the afternoon.  I paddled my 8'10" SUP in  amoderate breeze.  Pretty fun 3 to 4 foot surf.  Later I rigged a sail and launched in the side off breeze.  Really fun with lots of down the line rides.  Met Butch a senior surfer.  As I was packing Dale Bendula and Keith M showed up with their Sea Lions,  By then the tide had gotten low enough to cause issues at the outer bar.  So 43 appears to be better at higher tides.

Thursday - Caught a quick surf paddle at Ramp 38 in a light southerly breeze.  A couple good rides, should've gotten out earlier to get the lower tide.  38 isn't the best spot typically but it's less than a minute from my driveway.  SUP surfed almost all afternoon at Ramp 43 north end.  Pretty awesome.  Surfed with Butch and a couple surfing families showed up.  While a little crowded it was nice not worrying about fishing lines.  My last wave was shared with two big fish, 4 to 5 feet scurrying ahead of me in the shallow crystal clear water.  Definitely not dolphins.  May have been cobia or "the man in the gray suit".  Whatever, they made it a memorable wave. I dropped off my 8'10" SUP at Fox.  There is a bubble forming on the deck pad.  Could just be glue loosening up but I want to ensure the hull is sound.

2013 at the Beach

Welcome to Relaxation Station.  This is the Station's fifth season.  The house is cleaned and polished and ready for action. Enjoy your stay!