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Friday, June 22, 2012

Just for Fun!

Friday: Sitting in an Idaho airport the day before Hatteras. We'll be starting an actaul Hatteras vacation at my place tomorrow if my flights go well.  It's been two years since my family actually vacationed together at Hatteras.  Irene didn't help matters last fall.  I have been down quite a bit in the winter, spring and fall but that always involves work on the house, of course I always manage to squeeze in some fun too but not with the family. My youngest and her friend were a great help this last spring prepping the house for the rental season.

So this one is just for fun and most of my siblings are coming too! The only work I plan this time is to put up some eye-bolts to hang a hammock for some serious R&R!

Saturday: On the road at 6:30 am with Lindsey driving separately to get Dan at Boy's State.
We had an exciting pit stop due to a leaking tire valve stem on the trailor.  Luckily Jenna heard it hissing and got right to a tir shop.  In and out in under 12 minutes.  I recommend Colonial Tire for NASCAR!

Everyone arrived as scheduled and we had a nice spaghetti dinner.  No beach action due to an afternoon thunderstorm.

Monday: Ken got a quick morning SUP session at ramp 38.  After all had breakfast we all headed over to ramp 38 and spent most of the day there.  Beatiful clear warm water, perfecct!  Ken caught an evening surf session on a windless uncrowded beach.


Nice sunrise

And by the way, a couple pics of Jenna riding two weeks ago:

Surfing Monday morning I thought I came upon Blackbeard's remains until I recalled his head was taken to Virginia:

We all spent most of the day together at the bath house near Frisco.  Very mello warm ocean.  Dan tried some ocean sailing without much luck.  God on him for trying.  Lindsey returned from Ocracoke with Lindsay.

As we were checking out the fishing scene at Hatteras the wind really came up.  I had a message from Bill Bell looking for some company at Ramp 30.  I headed out there in the late afternoon to an empty beach with the exception of Bill's truck.  I sailed a 5.3 in overpowered conditions.  Wild chop and chaotic swell with a strange surf break.  Pretty fun but not the best surf-sailing.

Lindsey, Lindsay and Dan went to the movies but a huge thunderstorm ended the show early.  They got a rain check (lightning check?)

Tuesday: The heavy wind clocked north.  Around ten am I sailed at the old lighthouse beach on a well powered 5.8.  Old man Jim was out there ripping it up.  Agian not great surf sailing but awesome big swell on the outside.  I later sailed at the hole.  Lots of sailors, 5.3 then 5.8. 


Dan and I rented another SUP and surfed down at Ramp 49.  Small friendly waves in offshore breeze.  Dan got some good rides. Lots of shopping and time spent at the Ramp 38 beach, crowded but a nice mellow crowd. Repaired the broken foot wash faucet.  All ate dinner at Diamond Shoals restaurant.  Took some astronomy lessons from Dave on a beautiful clear night.

Dan and Dave were up early for an all-day deep sea fishing adventure.

Ken got his butt kicked during a couple morning surf sessions.  Dead onshore waves with some size.  He saw a sea turtle though!

Ken did some road surfing with a trial launch at Ramp 30 . No good.  Met George at Ramp 43, we sailed 5.8s in good wind and bad surf.  Saw a huge sea turtle out there.  Wrapped up with  a couple hours of 4.6 at the Hole.  Got a board 360 from port tack first try but no luck from 20 tries on starboard!

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